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“Safe Space”
“For The Voiceless”
“Keeping us close”

These are a few simple words that solidified the reasoning for the Cradle Basket Indigenous Environmental and Cultural Center. We have grown up here in the areas known as Napa,Sonoma, and Lake county as did our ancestors thousands of years before us. Even Though we have always been here, History often leaves us out. That is why projects like the Cradle Basket are so important to the Native community. Not only do we have the opportunity to tell our stories and histories the way our elders watched and lived, But now we also have the opportunity to bring back those lost traditions and help bring healing to the lands, people and all life around us. For us to practice our traditions and culture is to reconnect with the environment and earth which provides us all things we need for survival. This reconnection teaches us our place as humans on earth and ultimately it is what keeps us happy and healthy. We hope the Cradle Basket will be a place where people of all ages will come to learn, listen, watch, and ultimately be influenced to go out and reconnect!! Being a descendant of the original people of the lands it is our job to show this modern world to not forget where we come from, and also to be here to help the lands flourish. Traditionally the tribal groups in the Napa area were many. Wappo being the local tribe, we often traded and gathered with neighboring tribes that is why this project will also represent the surrounding peoples who once traveled to these valleys. When asked to be a part of this project the first thing we felt was necessary was to bring as many local tribal people in as possible, after all the story can never only be told by one group. We are sharing a great opportunity for the native community to heal from the past and continue our traditional ways.

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Wappo Project Managers

Alyx Howell-Pina
Desirae Harp